Electric bike laws.

Electric Bike Laws

Electric bikes are popping up all over the road. Since the craze hit so hard, laws are just now catching up to this new form of vehicle. There are several ebike laws that are already in effect. This guide will help you learn about the various electric bike laws that are uniform across the nation. …

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How to put a motor on a bike.

How to Put a Motor On a Bike

In our opinion, a person should only use a bicycle to get around if they want to lose a few pounds or if they’re trying to save the environment by not adding to the fuel emissions produced by the hundreds of cars in the area. If you’re looking to just get around for the sake …

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Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 in 2020

As technologies progress, so does people’s mobility. With the modern improvements in electronics and engineering, humans have decided to apply the innovation to transform the traditional means of transportation, making moving an effortless, hassle-free undertaking. Innovation has also touched upon the oldest and most conventional device used by people for almost two centuries to cover …

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