Electric Bike VS Road Bike: Which One Is Better for You?

The process of riding a bicycle has evolved from a typical habit and hobby into a tradition in many regions of the world. In the electric bike vs regular bike, more people have started choosing the former. Why is it happening? The top manufacturers and sellers of e-bicycles have come up with a set of questions, which makes it easier for their buyers to make decisions.

  • What are the technical differences between the two types?
  • What is the main reason for riding this type of transport (exercising or other)?
  • What are the pros and cons of each type?
  • What is the difference in costs? Is it justified or not?

New riders who have no idea how to choose their first bicycle would benefit from trying to answer these questions together with a sales manager or field expert. The main objective is to realize why you need one. This will help you determine which one you need when it comes to the never-ending electric bike vs road bike debate.

Look and Mechanics

To begin the electric vs road analysis, we should start with their appearances. E-bikes look pretty much like the regular ones most of us have known since childhood. Many people who haven’t engaged much in the e-bike vs bike topic may compare riding ebikes to riding scooters, but it is a typical misconception about this kind of transport. The only difference is that a regular bicycle doesn’t have an electric motor — that is what allows an e-bike to go faster than a normal one.

As for the specific elements of the two bicycles, they are a bit different. Such things like wheels, shape, and handlebars are the same when it comes to electric vs road bikes. The flat pedals function the same way; the motor assists the rider while they pedal, making the transport propel forward.

User Experience

If one chooses the wrong bicycle for their first ride, it might lead to a poor riding experience. Most people who own e-bikes say that it makes no difference when it comes to the overall user experience. The main idea is to learn how to hold the balance before getting on and starting to pedal. Those who are used to skating will find the process simple.

Electric bikes make the rider feel more comfortable as they’re silent while riding, which is one of its advantages. Gently moving the pedals is enough to go fast. Electric bicycles make it less challenging to climb hills while riding, and they help with getting a quick start that turns riding into a breeze.

Switching gears while riding an electric bicycle is way easier: dial up/down the pedal to help change the ways. The motor greatly helps with that. A rider can increase the physical load by reducing the power, and even decrease it to the point where you can let the bicycle move on its own for some time.

User experience of bike.

Speed of the Ride

We mentioned that speed is an essential element when discussing the case of electric bike vs road bike. That is one of the main factors that urge many consumers to choose the first one. Myths about bikes claim that electric bicycles are initially much faster than regular ones, but it depends on how fast you ride. You may throw an ebike test ride to find out if it’s true.

Whether you prefer commuter bikes, group rides, or taking part in speed contests, don’t forget about the existing laws that limit your speed of movement. Most of US and European regulations permit riders to ride around 25-30 kph (approximately 20 mph). In that situation, the motor might not be able to handle it if you were to go faster. Whereas an electric road bike might be considered cheating during any races and contests where regular bicycles take part, the motor does not technically make it go faster – it’s all in the hands of the driver. Regardless, with an e-bike, pedaling feels effortless. This type of transport makes cycling simple and fun. It assists you with maintaining a constant speed and allows you to navigate easily.

Top Electric Bikes

Top Road Bikes

Maintenance and Repairs

There is another point about the electric bike vs road bike debate that we would like to cover. Maintenance, service, and repairs are key components of the care that both types of bicycles require. As the processes are almost identical, one can take an electric bicycle to the regular bicycle repair store for servicing as well. The price should be the same, even for those who ride daily.

The only time when an owner should invest more in the repair is when something goes wrong with the e-bike’s electric parts. It happens rarely — so don’t worry.

Basic Regulations

As we covered above, speed limitations are the same for e-bike vs bike. By mistake, many people think that electric bicycles have more limitations and legal nuances than regular bicycles. E-bikes belong to motorized transport, and it means that certain government regulations exist to control them, but riders are not affected differently than regular bike riders.

What about the minimum age required to ride this type of transport? Riders should be 14+ years old to have permission. Bring any sort of documents confirming that you are (you will not need it in 90% of cases). An owner of such a bicycle does not have to buy a license, register their transport, or purchase any vehicle tax or insurance. Cycle paths or streets — take your electric road bike wherever you want.

Electric Bike vs Road Bike: Verdict

It is crucial to list the pros and cons of electric bikes vs regular ones. By choosing an e-bike, you will benefit from:

  • Pedal assist (thanks to the motor)
  • Extra speed and flexibility
  • Health benefits
  • Cut-back costs
  • Being eco-friendly
  • A great variety of designs

Does the cost of the purchase for an electric bike sound quite steep to you? If you discover that the price is a bit higher than that of a regular bicycle, it is okay! But, make sure not to let them trick you into paying for an overpriced vehicle. You can consult official websites to see the set price of the model you’ve chosen, but be mindful there can be some shipping costs if your local electric bike shop is ordering from abroad.

The hub motor makes the electric bicycle an appropriate tool for participating in various races and contests. That being the case, the contestant will still have to win with their physical power, rather than the one of their motor.

Picking a bike.

When choosing a new bike and taking the whole electric bike vs road bike debacle into account, pay attention to the following technical characteristics, parts, and features.

  • Suspension
  • Disc brakes
  • Rear wheel
  • Rear rack
  • Frame
  • Electrical drive system
  • Contact points
  • Brakes and shifters
  • Front chainwheel sets
  • Price

Add these up to get an overview of the overall experience riding this type of transport will bring you. After this ride review and debate on electric bikes versus typical ones, you should be able to make a final decision. You can also consider the option of buying a hybrid bike, but make sure to look into how it works. Perhaps, you’ll be able to avoid making a decision on the electric bike vs normal bike debacle by buying a third option!

There is no such thing as the best electric bike vs regular bike. We believe that a lot depends on every person’s individual needs, and it is impossible to take one definite side in the ebike vs road bike conflict. So pick the one you feel comfortable with, and show others what you’re worth by entering plenty of tournaments with your new mechanical buddy!