List of the World Top Electric Bike Manufacturers

Electric motorbikes are no longer treated like UFOs on the road; people have already gotten used to their presence on highways.

E-bikes are becoming more and more widespread due to their outstanding benefits, regardless of a somewhat hefty price tag. They can go fast and develop top speeds of 32 km/h (19.8 miles per hour). They can help you reduce your power consumption, get to your destinations without being stuck in traffic jams, assist in covering long and challenging distances, cut commuting costs, and contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

These are all reasons we are seeing a rise in electric bike manufacturers. There are thousands of electric bike brands offering a significant amount of electric bike options.

Electric bikes come in different models. Some companies specialize in producing several types of e-bikes, while others manufacture specific models like folding e-bikes, cargo bikes, or others.

Which electric bicycle brands are worth your attention? What are the most trusted bicycle manufacturing companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries?

We will look at the most popular electric bike brands. This list of electric bike manufacturers will give you some guidance to help you meet your expectations and desires.

List of the Most Popular Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego electric bikes. Pedego is the largest and most popular e-bike retailer in the USA and is based in California. They own more than 170 branded stores all over the world. They have been manufacturing and selling their creations since 2008 and have earned a decent reputation. They are positioning themself as a company that puts people first. Their key message is that they produce every bike with you in mind and treat you like a family member.

The brand is known for producing the best electric bikes, such as cruisers, city bikes, and off-road bikes. Those include specialty modes and have developed 18 for you to choose from. They provide every customer with a 5-year warranty with anti-theft protection.

Riese und Müller

This is one of the most popular electric bike manufacturers in the world. It was founded in Darmstadt, Germany by two engineers – Markus Riese and Heiko Müller – in the garage of one of their parent’s courtyards. Once it was established, it immediately won an Innovation Prize and became an internationally recognized manufacturer of electric, E-cargo, and folding bikes powered by Bosch electric motors. Now, they produce high-quality and state-of-the-art products chosen by a significant number of cyclists.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Electric Bikes. The story of this company started in 2007 when Mike Radenbaugh built his first electric bike kit for the needs of commuting to his high school and back. Then, he became obsessed with it and started producing motored electric bikes for the locals. In 2015, he teamed up with his childhood friend Ty Collins to bring their products to the masses. Now, they have grown into a company that has developed eight models to fit any cyclist.


With the mission to convert drivers into cyclists, Swytch is a company that supplies its customers with electric bike conversion kits. With this system in mind, they hope you will avoid expensive e-bikes and upgrade your regular bicycle to an electric one. There are two different types of conversion kits available that include: hydraulic disc brakes, a high torque motor wheel, a lithium-ion battery with a 250W power range (which can last up to 31 miles on a single charge), and a pedal sensor. The kit is easy to install on a hybrid, MTB, step-through, road bike, and many more. By installing a kit, you can end up with reduced extra weight—compared to that of a manufactured electric bicycle.

Sondors Electric Bikes

Sondors Electric Bikes. Because they provide premium electric bikes at affordable prices, SONDORS is one of the most celebrated electric bike manufacturers. They have already supplied more than 100,000 cyclists all over the world with premium electric transportation and aim at bringing electric bicycles to every household.


Rocky Mountain

This company gets its name from the Canadian landscape of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. This rugged terrain inspired developers and engineers to come together to create electric mountain bike lines, though everything started with the production of conventional bicycles. They have been manufacturing bikes ahead of the industry curve since 1978. The choice of electric vehicles is narrowed down to two models. They are equipped with lithium-ion battery technology or the exclusive Dyname drive that has also been designed by Rocky Mountain’s engineers.

Urban Arrow

Among ebike manufacturers, Urban Arrow is the best in terms of producing urban cargo electric bikes. They give their customers the freedom to choose between different front frames to satisfy your daily needs. They have family, shorty, cargo, and tender bike lines to deliver a pleasant urban riding experience.

Shimano Steps

The Shimano Steps history goes back to a century ago when 26-year-old Shozaburo Shimano from Japan introduced a freewheel in 1921. Today, it is the leading provider of e-bike systems. The company offers a wide variety of high-end e-bike systems that are empowering more than 160 bike brands with mid-motors, long-range batteries, and cycling computers. They produce city, trekking, and e-MTB systems for urban and mountain devices.

Priority Bicycles

This is an American company producing different types of bikes with a headquarter located in New York City. Their objective is to minimize maintenance requirements and make everyone’s riding experience more enjoyable. There is only one model of e-bike developed by this company — Embark. They use a Bosch mid-drive ebike system to deliver the most natural feeling for a ride.

Ruff Cycles

Ruff Cycles Electric Bike. They have been producing electric bikes powered by Bosch since 2012. As of now, they have two bike models: the Ruffian, with a modern and cutting-edge design, and the Lil’Buddy, which brings us back to the ’70s with its vintage design. Bosch Performance Line CX is installed in both models and brings a natural and pleasant riding sensation to each ride. Their rear hub motor enables quick switching between your pedals and the rear wheel in one motion.

Pure cycles

Pure cycles have been developing, designing, and producing bikes for those who want to have the coolest bikes at affordable prices for more than ten years now. They started their business with a campus bike. Then, they expanded their manufacturing to 6 different categories: adventure, road, urban, cruiser, commuter, and electric. Their Volta and Capacita e-bikes are equipped with GPS anti-theft tracking and a built-in fitness journal. They ensure a lifetime warranty on frames and a 1-year warranty on components.

Electric bicycles are fun. They can take you about anyplace you want. If you are about to get one, we hope that our summary of the most popular brands will help you out.